easyvote is a free, powerful, easy-to-use web-based voting app, turning any collection of web-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, ...) into a maintenance-free audience response system. Anyone with a web browser need do no more than tap/click to cast their vote and for Android users it is even easier still, with the app.

Polls take only seconds to set up and start and the results are displayed live in a web page, which you can monitor yourself or project to your audience. The web page can also be shown alongside the slides of a presentation, to show opinion next to the question(s).

Whether in education or business, obtaining real-time constant feedback from your audience is acknowledged as the most powerful way to convey your message as effectively as possible. easyvote provides that feedback instantly and with ease.

No other voting tool is this simple to use. Written by a practising teacher, it is designed from the ground up to integrate perfectly with what people already do. There's nothing new to learn.

Create or manage a poll


Running a poll is free and simple: just give your poll a name and tell your voters what you called it. That's it! The results are displayed as a web page, which can be be displayed on its own or embedded in a slide alongside the questions.

Vote using a web browser


Vote via a web page: it's as simple as clicking a coloured rectangle. Your screen also changes colour, for instant visual feedback to both you and the presenter. Anyone can vote in polls; it's free to vote and you don't need to log in.

Donate to easyvote


Contributions towards running costs are always appreciated! If you find that you use easyvote more than a handful of times, please donate. Thank you!

Vote using the free app


Download the free Android app from Google Play to take part in a poll. No login required, just tap your screen to vote!

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